“Rex Is Not Your Lawyer” – Just Some Facts, Man…

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David Tennant finishing lunch at Base Camp for "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer"


In February 2010, fans around the world waited anxiously for news on whether or not David Tennant, fresh from his role as the 10th Doctor on “Doctor Who,” would get the chance to star in his own American television show, “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.”

Hopes ran high. NBC-TV had just experienced a scheduling and public affairs nightmare when it canceled “The Jay Leno Show,” removed Conan O’Brien from “The Tonight Show” and returned Leno to the host position that he’d been in for 17 years. Now, they needed programming for its five, now-empty 10 p.m. primetime slots… and everyone wanted to know: would “Rex” be one of those shows?



Shaddap You Face

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A little while back, an incident happened in regards to a video that I’d posted at a popular networking site.  It’s an incident that’s worth relating here, at the beginning of my WordPress entries, to give you an idea of the type of person that I am.  (This is also here to serve as a warning: if you don’t like my tone, then don’t stick around, ’cause it ain’t gonna get any better.  I wasn’t put on this planet to make you happy or to cater to your personal level of P.C., so either get over it or get lost.)  Because you have to understand, there are two things you don’t piss off on this planet–one is a woman, and the other is a writer.