David Tennant finishing lunch at Base Camp for "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer"


In February 2010, fans around the world waited anxiously for news on whether or not David Tennant, fresh from his role as the 10th Doctor on “Doctor Who,” would get the chance to star in his own American television show, “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer.”

Hopes ran high. NBC-TV had just experienced a scheduling and public affairs nightmare when it canceled “The Jay Leno Show,” removed Conan O’Brien from “The Tonight Show” and returned Leno to the host position that he’d been in for 17 years. Now, they needed programming for its five, now-empty 10 p.m. primetime slots… and everyone wanted to know: would “Rex” be one of those shows?


Instead of “Rex,” NBC chose the Jimmy Smits’ legal drama “Garza”–later renamed “Outlaw.” (As a reflection of NBC‘s brutal efforts to get back on its feet, “Outlaw” aired a mere three episodes in Fall 2010 before it was canceled.)

Oddly enough, NBC Universal never issued an official rejection for “Rex.”

Everyone was left wondering about the show for months, even though NBC executives had probably decided on the fate of “Rex” as early as January 11th, the day after the TCA Press Tour. NBC President of Primetime Angela Bromstad remarked that the show had the possibility of being “fast tracked,” with the pilot airing sometime in Spring 2010, and that executives would screen the pilot the following day to decide its fate.

No further mention of “Rex” was made from that time onward.

(Incidentally, numerous articles erroneously refer to “Rex” as a “failed” show when, in fact, it was nothing more than another pilot that didn’t make it to prime time television status–it wasn‘t “canceled” because it was never on the air and it never “failed“ because it never got the chance to fail.)

The problem with the lack of an official statement on “Rex” means that even now, over a year later, fans are still asking questions. To answer a few:

1. Pilots are prototypes. The pilot was never scheduled for broadcast, and there is no indication that it will ever air;

2. No other network has taken the show onboard–not the USA Network, not CBS, not the BBC… nobody;

3. “Rex” cannot be purchased, either online or as a DVD. It would be easy enough for NBC Universal to make it available for online sale, but they not given any indication that this will ever happen;

4. “Rex” is not online, either for sale or as an illegal torrent. There are numerous torrent websites that will present identical search results, but these are all fake listings. Don’t click them or give them your credit card information. They’re lying. They don’t have it.

(More information can be found at http://rexisnotyourlawyerinfo.blogspot.com)